New Patients!

Onboarding With Us Is A Three-Step Process


Watch the Mandatory Video! This covers who we serve, investment, what is is like to work with us and more!


Schedule a Time to Talk to Our Team to Set Up Your First Visit/Ask Additional Questions.


Once You Pick Your Time, You Will Be Invited to an Application to Complete Your Booking!

Additional Information Commonly Asked

We are dedicated to helping patients fully committed to their healing journey. While we appreciate everyone’s interest, our clinic can only onboard about 25% of applicants monthly. This selective approach ensures our doctors have ample time for in-depth research and personalized care for advanced cases. We are eager to work with you if you are ready to be ALL IN with your healing.

Our focus is on helping those ready to recover from chronic hidden infections, mold toxins, and other chronic diseases. Therefore, it is essential for your recovery that any mold issues in your living environment are addressed before we start treatment.

Insurance is not accepted at our clinic. However, we can facilitate insurance-based lab testing through LabCorp. Most of our lab tests and services are out-of-pocket expenses. You can find information about pricing in the application, which becomes available after selecting your appointment time.

 Yes, we accept Health Savings Account (HSA) cards for payment.*

This application call is not for reviewing labs. In your first visit with Dr. Diane, she will review any labs you have and discuss necessary additional testing.

Please show up or answer for your scheduled appointment to ensure you can reschedule. We prioritize serious commitments and send reminder texts and emails. Please ensure your contact details, especially your phone number, are correct.

Your application call will be with a highly trained and knowledgeable member of Dr. Diane’s team, who works closely with the doctors to ensure the highest standard of care. This call is vital to our process, allowing us to thoroughly review your application and ascertain that our services align perfectly with your health needs. Rest assured, this step is integral to our commitment to providing tailored and effective healthcare solutions.

If you need to change the time of your scheduled call, please use the links provided in the confirmation email.

We require a yearly visit to Colorado for ongoing treatment. If this is not possible for you, our group program, which does not have this requirement, might be a suitable alternative. This program is also available for those living outside the United States.

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