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Is MARCoNS Contagious? This Revalation Will Change How You Think!

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by Dr Diane Mueller – As a Lyme disease and mold illness expert, I’m often asked, “Is MARCoNS contagious?” This tricky sinus bacteria, short for Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staph, is notoriously stubborn, living up to its name in resisting treatment. MARCoNS colonizes deep the sinus cavities, teaming up with mold growth to form crystallized biofilms that ENT surgeons have observed.

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Understanding the Resilient MARCoNS Bacterium


While clearly bothersome for the sinuses, MARCoNS also causes chaos far beyond – quietly disrupting hormonal pathways like thyroid, adrenal function, sleep cycles, and immunity. So despite not always inflaming sinus tissue, it requires attention when found. Testing involves an easy nasal swab to identify this stealthy microorganism.

Assessing MARCoNS Transmission Among Close Contacts


MARCoNS spread depends on individual factors, yet it certainly can transmit between family members in shared spaces, especially those with compromised immunity. I often see just one member infected while the rest test negative. However, it warrants assessment if unexplained health changes arise in loved ones who are closely connected.


Even beloved pets like dogs may acquire MARCoNS from positive owners through affectionate face-to-face contact over time. One patient tested positive, then discovered it in their pup as well when they checked. This reveals the sneaky spread potential among immuno-vulnerable human and animal companions.


Takeaway on MARCoNS Testing


Don’t assume negative health changes are just age, stress, or bad luck without probing further. Have clinical suspicions? Get tested – extended misery is not merited. MARCoNS treatment can dramatically turn lives around, resolving neurological fatigue, gym brain, anxiety, body aches, and gut disruption for many once the root issue is identified.


While not definitively contagious among all close contacts, getting a better understanding is MARCoNS contagious deserves assessment with troubling symptoms. Catching culprits behind feeling off provides clarity to get family and pets properly supported.

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Have Lyme Disease or suspect you do?

We have helped thousands of people restore their health and quality of life by diagnosing and treating their Lyme Disease.

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