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Lyme Disease BullseyeRash

Written by Dr. Diane Mueller

The Lyme Disease Bullseye Rash is called that because it
classically looks like a target or a bullseye. It classically has a red center with concentric red rings around it. Think of a dartboard. For more detailed information on the Lyme Disease Bullseye rash as well as other types of rashes
that look similar, you can visit our blog on the Lyme Disease Rash HERE.

Lyme Disease Rash

Below is a list of the most common misperceptions about the Lyme Disease Bullseye Rash:

1)    It always looks like a bullseye (incorrect: the rash can have various presentations)

2)    It is present in just one place (incorrect: it can be all over the body)

3)    It is present in almost all cases of Lyme Disease (incorrect: much of the time it is not present)

4)    If there is no rash, there is no Lyme Disease (false)

5)    It is present within days after a tick bite (false: it may take as long as a month to appear)

6)    It is painful (incorrect: most the time there is either no pain or very minor pain)

7)    It is itchy (sometimes it is itchy but it does not have to be)

8)    There are no other symptoms: Most of the time there will be flu-like symptoms

At our medical clinic, most of the people that we find positive for Lyme Disease through testing do not remember a tick bit or ever having the classic Lyme Disease Rash. 

If you see a target lesion looking type of rash, it is worth getting checked out. However, if you have neurological, cardiac,


Now all of that being said, probably the most important take home point in all of this is the following:


The early stages of Lyme Disease are self-limiting. If you do not treat, typically the early symptoms disappear. Unlike colds and flus, the disappearance of early symptoms does not mean that the disease is gone. The disease can go dormant for months to years and can manifest as a multitude of chronic diseases later on. Therefore, it is important to take the suspicion of Lyme Disease seriously and make sure you get tested properly. Most conventional doctors do not thoroughly test for Lyme Disease and some testing has been shown to have a 66% chance of a false negative. Therefore, working with a Lyme Literate Doctor to make sure you have the right evaluation for this can save you from manifestation of late stage Lyme Disease due to improper evaluation and treatment.

cognitive or other systemic health problems without a known origin, it is important to consider Lyme Disease as part of the diagnosis.

For more information on the topic of Lyme Disease Rash, see our blog:

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Have Lyme Disease or suspect you do?

We have helped thousands of people restore their health and quality of life by diagnosing and treating their Lyme Disease.

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