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Are you experiencing any of these Lyme Disease Symptoms?

Below is a list of common symptoms that humans experience with Lyme disease. If you are experiencing any of the following Lyme symptoms,
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Early Lyme Disease Symptoms in Humans:

Flu-like Symptoms
Red Expanding Skin Rash
Facial Muscle Weakness/Paralysis
Fainting/Shortness of Breath
Heart Palpitations/Chest Pain
Severe Headaches
Neck Stiffness
Shooting Pains
Pain and Swelling in Joints

Late Lyme Disease Symptoms in Humans:

Joint Pain/Fibromyalgia/Autoimmune Disease
Muscle Aches
Memory Loss/Brain Fog/Dementia
Cognitive Impairment
Sleep Impairment
Heart-related Symptoms/POTS

Neurological Problems

Menstrual and Digestive Imbalances

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